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I hope that my research findings will encourage more property owners and managers to analyse the impact of their approach to property management and occupier engagement on property performance. This big data driven approach to identifying the things that make a tangible difference is exactly the kind of discipline seen in the world of sport. Dr Danielle Sanderson is a senior consultant at customer experience consultancy, RealService, and a visiting lecturer at the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London, teaching various modules including Real Estate Management.

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Addressing core environmental issues related to energy, water, and waste was the foundation for early green building rating systems like LEED, a program developed by the U. Green Building Council.

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Let me explain… Intuitive approach When I started working as a consultant in the property industry a decade ago, customer service was still perceived by many to be a soft, fluffy, nice-to-have extra — and not the boardroom issue that it is today. The Business Case My research shows that there is a clear customer experience gap to be closed and the commercial imperative to do it. Recent News and Insights Climate change is increasingly becoming a risk to people and to assets. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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https://sandverdelos.tk Simply reading. Great Read! Ordering more to share. Witnessing The scripture referances. Joe Crews. Known for his deep baritone voice and soul-stirring ability to share the quintessential gospel of Christ, Joe Crews was the co-founder of the multifaceted, international ministry of Amazing Facts and its first speaker. Plucked from his pastoral and evangelist role in Louisville, Kentucky, Joe Crews hosted the Amazing Facts radio broadcast, a daily minute Bible program that opened with an interesting scientific or historic fact—a hallmark of Amazing Facts programming still today.

Joe Crews passionate an engaging personality filters through his many books and articles, written for Amazing Facts publishing and for periodicals around the world. Add to cart.

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